cessna 206 flight training

Cessna 206 Flight Training

The Cessna 200 Series is the backbone of Australian aviation. It is the first job aircraft for most General Aviation companies in the Top End. Most operators consider 200 series time as a pre-requisite for employment, as such we have decided to offer our C206 for training.

We have a comprehensive ground training package covering the inner workings of the aircraft along with the CASA required paperwork.

Once the ground training is complete, we will cover the introduction flights learning correct engine management and general handling, then progressing into short unsealed and remote airstrip operations along with flying for efficiency training.

Cessna 206 specifications

  • VH-LZN
  • 6 seats
  • 130 kts burning 60 lph
  • 288 litres of fuel
  • 900 nautical mile range
  • STOL capability