Workhorse of the Australian charter industry

Reliable and comfortable yet also cost-effective. Our Navajo is configured for up to 7 passengers and depending on weight has a range of over 1000 kilometres.

With the safety of two turbocharged engines, the comfort of air-conditioning and a cruising speed of over 300 kilometres per hour, Our Navajo is perfectly suited to Australian conditions.

This versatile aircraft can easily be stripped out and configured to carry freight. It has a large rear access door and with an impressive 800 Kilogram payload, the Navajo makes a fantastic freight aircraft.

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Flight Duration: 4 Hours
Required Crew: 1
Passenger Capacity: 7
Cruise Speed: 300 KMH
Fuel Capacity: 900 L
Fuel Consumption: 160 LPH
Engines: 2 Turbocharged 6 Cylinder
Range: Over 1000 KM
Max Take-Off Weight: 3052 KG

Piper Navajo VH-JRA Aircraft Interior