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Air Services

Rotordyne Air Services is based at Bankstown Airport in Sydney. This convenient location is only a 30-minute drive from the Sydney CBD. We own and operate a fleet of Aircraft consisting of both multi and single-engine machines. Our fleet is meticulously maintained in house by our team of dedicated engineers.

We hold a CASA issued Air Operators Certificate for Passenger & Freight Carrying Air Transport Operations, Aerial Work and Flight Training. We are well-staffed with a dedicated and highly motivated team of Pilots and Engineers.

Our Multi-engine fleet consisting of Piper Navajo and Beechcraft Baron aircraft are mostly used for passenger-carrying operations, while we use our single-engine Cessna 206’s for aerial mapping, survey, freight and certain flight training activities.

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Rotordyne Core Values

Rotordyne was established in 2013 to provide Avionics services to operators in the utility helicopter industry. Since then we have expanded into fixed-wing Avionics servicing and modifications, helicopter engine and airframe maintenance and contract engineering services. Our aim is to provide a professional, industry-leading and reliable service.

The three core values that form the Rotordyne operating philosophy are:


We recognise that safety in the air, for our flight crews, and safety on the ground, for our employees is paramount. We understand that quality engineering practices will lead to safe aircraft.


Reliable aircraft are essential for our customers. We understand that maintaining industry-leading standards will directly result in reliable aircraft.


Rotordyne is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

Rotordyne Fleet


Piper Navajo


Cessna 206G